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Managed by Pilots, for Pilots,APPN protects the licenses of more than 22,000 Pilots at every stage of their careers.

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L'Association de Prévoyance du
Personnel Navigant

APPN is a provident society run by and for Pilots in collaboration with strong insurers. It is a French non-profit association created in 1957 by Jean Dupont, Captain on board Air France. APPN offers and manages insurance products specifically adapted to Pilots at every stage of their career.


Products for every stage of your career

You can choose and modify the guarantees that suit you.

The solution to get started in the business with peace of mind!

The solution to focus on finding a cockpit.

Key points

The advantages of APPN,
an insurance managed by and for Pilots

Accessible contracts

All Pilots wishing to protect their Class 1 medical fitness can join regardless of their company or nationality up to the age of 45.

Suitable coverage

Whatever your professional situation and career progression, you can adjust your benefits at no cost and on request until you retire.

Competitive rates

A non-profit association managed by Pilots and for Pilots, the surplus of insurance cover is returned to the members each year according to the results.

Quick and easy

In addition to the online services, your personal advisor will provide you with a quick and personal response. The Pilots board of directors is also at your disposal.

Experience and strength

AXA, Generali, MACIF, APPN relies on solid insurers since 1957: a guarantee of experience and seriousness recognized by more than 20,000 Pilots.

The guarantee of being well protected

Accessible without a medical check-up, the APPN guarantees can cover any type of accident or the onset of any kind of health problem with sums of up to €700,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

The guarantees distributed by APPN are covered by three renowned insurers: MACIF for the insurance Loss of Licence, AXA and GENERALI for the insurance contract Death/PTIA. Selected by APPN for their solidity and professionalism, they provide a guarantee of security for all Pilots insured throughout their career.

20,000 Pilots members and 60 years of experience are proof ofAPPN 's expertise in the mastery of this very specific support for personnel cockpit air crew faced with the risk of loss of medical fitness in the performance of their duties.

A non-profit association, APPN is managed by its Board of Directors and bureau , which are composed entirely of volunteers. Pilots With no shareholders to remunerate, APPN 's sole objective is to offer its Pilots members the best insurance at the best price. Surpluses are paid back to the insured.

APPN offers insurance managed by Pilots for Pilots. Through this specific governance, APPN has a unique understanding of the risks of loss of licence, allowing it to understand each situation in depth. This mutualist approach also allows APPN to set up a solidarity fund to help Pilots in great difficulty.

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