APPN Insurances for Pilots by Pilots

Newsletter APPN September 2021

APPN Insurances for Pilots by Pilots

"COVID" activity 2020 / 2021:

In 2020, the insurance contributions of APPN decreased by 5.5% due to the COVID crisis.

At the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, the administrative department of APPN had to make more than 10,000 contract changes to allow members to upgrade their cover according to their personal situation and COVID. During this complex period, APPN 's office remained open and staffed to respond to members' requests.

In April 2020, APPN stopped all enrolments to the Temporary Loss Of Licence cover for new members. However, 705 pilots have joined APPN between April 2020 and December 2020. We also received about 100 cancellations for various reasons (loss of job, retirement...).

Since the beginning of 2021, contributions to APPN have started to increase again. The guarantees of pilots are indeed gradually being increased by pilots and 914 new pilots have also joined APPN in the first 9 months of 2020.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the financial year 2021 marks a significant increase in claims for Temporary Loss Of Licence as well as in the number of members moving from the "active" to the "job seeker" position.

General Assembly 2021:

The General Assembly of 06 July 2021 largely endorsed the policy presented by the Bureau and the accounts for the year 2020.

Temporary Loss Of Licence :

The Board of Directors has been proposed by Bureau to re-establish the Temporary Loss Of Licence cover from 01/10/2021 and its evolution for those who wish it. The resumption of the Temporary Loss Of Licence cover should mark a better evolution of the membership of APPN at the end of 2021 but it is to be confirmed in 2022.

Association fee :

At the request of the Board of Directors, the Bureau has changed the system of reduced "association" membership fees. Thus, only members of unions or associations recognised by IFALPA will benefit from reduced membership fees in the future.

Discount :

Financially, members present in 2019 and 2020 will receive the following two rebates in October 2021 as determined by the Board of Directors:

- 6.25% of their 2019 contributions for the 2019 rebate (the same amount was already paid in October 2020).

- and in addition 8.30% of their 2020 contributions for the 2020 rebate.

Website :

As you can see, a new website has been set up by APPN to make our different sections more attractive and to allow you to contact us even more easily.

Captain Daniel RIBOUD, General Secretary of the APPN