Pilot in operation

The APPN, the insurance partner
for Pilots

Any holder of a valid professional licence as Cockpit Air Crew, in accordance with Annex 1 of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), may apply for membership at any time of the year and without a medical examination if he or she is under 45 years of age on the day of joining.

Specific guarantees for Cockpit Air Crew

Members belonging to Cockpit Air Crew of an air transport or aerial work company can choose the following benefits:

Temporary Loss Of Licence (in case of temporary loss of medical fitness)

This benefit entitles you to a monthly payment of between €1,000 and €20,000 in the event of temporary loss of medical fitness due to illness or accident.

Defenitive Loss Of Licence (in case of permanent loss of medical fitness)

In the event of loss of permanent medical fitness, you can cover the permanent loss of the license with cover ranging from €80,000 to €800,000.  

  • The capital is degressive from the 51st birthday. 
    • This basic guarantee covers you up to the age of 60 with a capital sum of which a degressivity of 10% applies from the 51st birthday to the age of 59.
    • This guarantee can optionally be extended to age 65 for those Pilots who decide before age 55 to continue their career beyond age 60. The degressivity is then reset from the capital guaranteed at age 55. In this case, the guaranteed capital decreases by 10% from age 55 until age 64. 
Life & Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy
  • A guarantee from €30,000 to €690,000.
  • Determined at the time of enrolment, the guaranteed capital can increase at your request according to your choices, changes in your professional situation and conditions.
  • This capital is paid out:
    • to designated beneficiaries in the event of Life up to age 65 (or age 75 depending on the contract),
    • to the insured in the event of total and irreversible loss of autonomy following an accident or illness before the age of 62.
  • The capital decreases by 10% per year from the age of 65 onwards and to provide cover until the birthday of 75.

Guarantees that support your career progression

  • Automatically after 3 years of membership, by one instalment every 24 months until the age of 58 for the basic contract and 63 for the Definitive Loss Of Licence 55-65 contract. You can ask to postpone the application of this automatic revision for a period of your choice. This interruption cannot be made up. 
  • and at your request until the age of 50, 
    • for an increase of up to 2 tranches every 5 years, 
    • when your professional situation changes, up to a limit of 2 brackets and an increase in your salary of more than 15%.
  • For any reduction in coverage or cancellation, your request must be made by mail with your signature, sent by post or by e-mail.

In case of a change of professional situation, APPN advises you

  • when changing companies: to adjust your cover (Loss Of Licence Temporary and Loss Of Licence Definitive ).
  • in the event of job loss: to adjust or suspend the Loss Of Licence Temporary cover. 
  • in the event of retirement or cessation of professional activity: to retain only the Life & PTIA cover.