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Newsletter APPN June 2022


Covid effects

The year 2020 was difficult because of Covid, but since 2021, the number of members of APPN has been increasing strongly again. We now have just over 16,000 members on the individual contract.

For the financial year 2021, the number of Definitive Loss Of Licence (Definitive LOL) was very high. Indeed, we finally recorded 59 Definitive Loss Of Licence for the individual contract.

The consequence on the balance sheet with our insurer for the Definitive Loss Of Licence and the Temprary Loss Of Licence (MACIF) was negative.

However, thanks to the prudent management of APPN's bureau in previous years, the association will be able to maintain the distribution of a rebate to members, although less than in previous years, which will represent 0.50% of the monthly contribution of each member.

We hope that the year 2022 will be financialy more favourable, otherwise we will be forced to consider an increase in our premiums, which have not changed for almost ten years.

New members' website

A few months ago, the bureau of APPN decided to refresh our website website by setting up a members' area which allows a certain number of updates and also the sending or downloading of documents (trade union certificate, insurance certificate, membership fee certificate).

In addition, information on the functioning ofAPPN will be available on a quarterly basis.

APPN's Membership fees at reduced cost

In order to benefit from a reduced cost "Association" membership fee (3 € or 7 €), it is necessary for members to be part of a trade union that has created APPN or belonging to IFALPA respectively.

These certificates must be sent annually to APPN.

General Assembly 2022

The General Assembly of APPN will take place on 5 July 2022.

At the General Assembly, the members will be asked to approve the financial report and the statement of accounts as they do every year. At the 2022 General Aassembly, the 2021 accounts will be validated.

These votes will take place via the internet or in person.

Election of the new Management Board

Every five years, the members of APPN are asked to vote for a new board of 15 members Pilots. The next Board elections will take place in October 2022. Following the elections of the Board of Directors, a five-member bureau will be elected.

Voting will take place via the internet. The list of candidates will include active pilots and retired Pilots presented by French and foreign trade union organisations.

European rules application

Within the framework of the insurance activity of APPN, our three insurers, AXA, GENERALI and MACIF, have asked us to comply with the new European regulations.

To do this, we had to do a lot of work to put procedures in place to meet the new requirements.

This is reflected in the signing of new delegation contracts which define the obligations of APPN as a subscribing association.

These points concern in particular :

- the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT), the compliance of our procedures with TRACFIN,

- taking into account medical confidentiality at all stages of the procedures (AERAS),

- training of all staff against external and internal fraud,

- Data Protection Directive (GDPR),

- the establishment of a procedure for handling complaints.

In the end, we came up with indicators to measure the severity/probability of risks.

Captain Daniel RIBOUD, General Secretary of the APPN