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Newsletter APPN January 2023


The 2022 elections for the Board of Directors of the APPN

During the month of December 2022 a new Board of Directors was established, consisting of the following 15 directors:

  • BARBARY Patrick - CDB - SNPL
  • BARBER Jean-Louis - CDB - SNPL
  • DAMON Véronique - CDB - SNPL
  • DE TEISSIERES Christophe - CDB - SNPL
  • IASCHI Mauro - CDB - ANPAC
  • JACQ Denis - CDB - SPAF
  • JOBARD Louis - CDB - SNPL
  • MARTINY Quentin - CDB - SNPL
  • REUTER Frank - CDB - ALPL
  • SALAUN Jean-Noël - CDB - SNPL
  • THAROT Christophe - CDB - SNPL

The 2022 elections of the Bureau of the APPN

In the meeting of the Board of Directors of December 12, 2022 a new Bureau was elected.

The Bureau is composed of 4 Pilots:

  • President : Louis JOBARD
  • Vice-Chairman : Eric GALVAGNO
  • General Secretary: Daniel RIBOUD
  • Treasurer : Hugues GENDRE

In the coming months Bureau plans to complete its team in order to prepare for the future renewal of Bureau in five years.

This team will have to continue in the direction of the development of the association, insisting on the fact that it is Pilots who will have to manage it and work, as before, in the direction of an insurance offer best adapted to the profession of Pilots.

Results 2022

Compared with fiscal 2021, which was very difficult due to the economic climate in the air transport sector, fiscal 2022 was better. Claims decreased by 14% for Definitive and Temporary License Losses. For Life we recorded only 6 claims.

The March Board of Directors meeting will make a final decision on the level of the rebate to be paid to members in October 2023 with respect to fiscal year 2022.

In addition, the economics of mandatory contracts have improved significantly for the year 2022.

New policy 2023

The new 2023 policy will be published on the members' area of the APPN website with a system allowing each member to confirm that he/she has read the new text.

The main change concerns the definition of maximum insurable coverages for permanent loss of license based on the salary of each Pilot.

The number of members

In the course of the year 2022 we recorded 1057 memberships and 489 departures for various reasons (retirement, Definitive Loss Of Licence, termination...). During this year the membership of APPN has increased by 568 members.

We now have more than 20,000 members between individual and mandatory contracts.

French and European regulations

For two years now, bureau has been working in a very sustained manner on the compliance required by French and European regulations and controlled by the ACPR. The standards are becoming more and more complex and we must therefore evolve our working and management methods.

Discussions with our insurers are underway to maintain the level of our current reserves in order to avoid increasing our contributions, which have not changed in 10 years.

TCAS (Tax on Insurance Conventions)

The TCAS is now taken into account in our contract, which unfortunately leads to a decrease in the level of our results.

Development of the APPN

The development of APPN towards our foreign colleagues continues.

The APPN has already concluded agreements with dozens of trade unions from Pilots , mainly in Europe.

We hope that 2023 will be a strong year for the profession and we wish all members of the association our best wishes.

Captain Daniel RIBOUD, General Secretary of the APPN