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Newsletter APPN January 2022


Results 2021 :

In terms of claims, the year 2021 will certainly see an increase in Definitive Loss Of Licence. Indeed, the number of Definitive Loss Of Licence will be around 55 under the individual contract. This means that the result of licence losses with our insurer, MACIF, will be a loss. A first in the history ofAPPN.

This would seem to be a consequence of COVID.

These poor results are likely to result in a significant reduction in the rebate for the year 2021.

Fortunately the results with our Life insurers are good and the year will be positive with our insurers, AXA and GENERALI.

Adapting to the "COVID" crisis:

The bureau of APPN has taken a gamble on the future and decided at the September 2021 board meeting to reinstate the Temprary Loss Of Licence benefits for new members, and also to reinstate the benefit increases for old members. This was a strong demand from the population " Pilot ".

In the financial year 2021, despite the COVID crisis, the membership of APPN has increased by 600 Pilots including departures.

Evolution of the MACIF "loss of licence" contract:

Various claims among trainee members have concerned psychological problems. In view of the increase in such claims, the Board of Directors of APPN and the MACIF (our loss of licence insurer) have decided to bring the "trainees" policy into line with that of jobseekers. The "students" contract Pilots covers only now certain illnesses.

Commercial action :

The bureau of APPN has continued to make contact with differents unions ( and associations) of Pilots. Since 2021, 8 European unions / associations of Pilots have an agreement with our association to promote our Loss Of Licence and Life insurance guarantees .

At the same time, the sales department meets with numerous pilots schools throughout Europe.


For several years, the APPN, at the request of our insurers, has been working to meet the compliance standards required by the French and European authorities.

This important work has led to the implementation of numerous procedures that will improve the service offered to members despite the current constraints linked to the pandemic. Indeed, part of the activity of APPN had to be transferred to teleworking.

One of the achievements of this year was the implementation of the new website and soon members will be able to enjoy an interactive functionality on the APPN website.

Captain Daniel RIBOUD, General Secretary of the APPN