Frequently Asked Questions?

The guarantees distributed by APPN are covered by three renowned insurers: MACIF for the loss of licence insurance, AXA and GENERALI for the Life / PTIA insurance. Selected by APPN for their solidity and professionalism, they offer a guarantee of security to all Pilots insured throughout their career.

18,000 Pilots members and 60 years of experience testify APPN knowledge in mastering this very specific support for cockpit air crew faced with the risk of losing medical fitness in the exercise of their duties.

A non-profit association, APPN is managed by its Board of Directors and bureau , which are composed entirely of volunteers. Pilots With no shareholders to remunerate, APPN 's sole objective is to offer its Pilots members the best insurance at the best price. Surpluses are paid back to the insured.

APPN offers insurance managed by Pilots for Pilots. Through this governance, APPN has a unique understanding of the risks of loss of licence, allowing it to understand each situation in depth. This mutualist approach also allows APPN to set up a solidarity fund to help Pilots in great difficulty.

The professional licence is the working tool of Pilot. This licence is based on a Class 1 medical aptitude. The "Loss Of Licence" contract offered by APPN covers the financial consequences of Class 1 medical incapacity following an accident or illness. The contracts allow you to choose and adjust the benefits and capital guaranteed according to your professional situation, your family expenses, etc.

The APPN allows you to protect your monthly income in case of temporary licence loss up to a level of €17,000 per month. In the event of a permanent loss of licence, APPN also allows you to protect your capital up to a level of €800,000.

Any person of legal age who holds a valid professional licence as Cockpit Air Crew (in accordance with Annex 1 of the International Civil Aviation Organization), or is in the process of obtaining one, can apply for insurance at APPN. Simply fill in the online information request form on this website, or contact us by phone. With just a few questions, we will send you a proposal adapted to your situation, together with a membership file to guide you in your choice of cover.

The association fee is used to pay our administrative costs. This fee is reduced if you belong to an association/union of Pilot. Indeed, APPN recognises the role of the associations/unions of Pilots which defend the profession and the safety of flight crews with the national aviation authorities.

Each year, you only need to prove your membership of an IFALPA union/association of Cockpit Air Crew either by sending proof of payment of membership fees or by providing proof of membership.

The "Temporary Loss Of Licence" guarantee is a compensation for loss of salary. As a Pilot trainee or as a Pilots looking for a cockpit, you do not have an pilot salary and therefore cannot benefit from this guarantee.

You can benefit of the guarantees for Pilots trainees at APPN for up to 5 years. As soon as you have completed your training as a Pilot trainee, we invite you to contact APPN to switch to job seeker status.

Then, as soon as you start working, contact also APPN to update your cover and to benefit from a "Temporary Loss Of Licence " guarantee.

Any new situation requires an adjustment of your garanties. Depending on the case, it is possible to suspend these benefits in the event of a work stoppage or to increase them in the event of a new situation up to the age of 50. A modification form is at your disposal, you can also contact APPN who will advise you on these adjustments of guarantees.

The documents to be provided in the event of a work stoppage are a copy of the initial stoppage and any extensions, a copy of the pay slip for the month preceding the stoppage and the reason for the stoppage.

For all these changes, such as a change of address or bank account, simply contact us by telephone, email or by post.

To cancel your contract, you need to send a letter with a handwritten signature requesting the cancellation of your contracts.