Février 2019

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En trois ans, les sinistres PLT sont passés de 6,2 à 8,3 millions d’euros, soit une augmentation de 34 %. Sur la même période, les effectifs actifs assurés ont évolué de 10 200 à 13 000, soit une augmentation de 26 %

Nous constatons que cette évolution est due, en grande partie, à une très importante augmentation (57 %) du nombre de pilotes arrêtés sur une période comprise entre six et douze mois.

The APPN presents: “Humanitarian Wings”

1968, some pilots and mechanics of Air France decide on their own to take action and break a blockade at Biafra to save lives, even if it means intervening on the verge of hiding and putting a plane on what looked like more to a road than to an airstrip. Thus was launched, on these foundations, in 1980, the association Aviation Sans Frontières with the noble ambition of making available to logisticians or doctors dispatched urgently the skills of the world of aeronautics. The task is immense for these new faces of humanitarian aid nourished by their commitment, their values ​​and the imperative need to help their neighbor.

European directives

The objective of the new directives applicable to the APPN is to provide more transparency and protection to the insured with regard to the products offered, in particular by setting up a product governance and monitoring system and their distribution. Any breach or violation of the rules can have serious legal and financial consequences, both for insurers and for the APPN.

Particularity of the APPN

Our association offers a very specific product, Permanent and Temporary License Loss, as well as death insurance, for an extremely targeted population. Therefore, the production of the information document will not pose any particular difficulties, nor for the obligation of permanent information.

Design and distribution

The rules applicable to product design and distribution lead the APPN to two types of distribution depending on whether they are compulsory individual or collective contracts.

New directives

These new directives require a level of professional skills in this area which new APPN employees must demonstrate before their training.

Each employee must receive training dedicated to continuous professional development, which may not be less than 15 hours per year.

Mandatory membership group contracts

The APPN is in perpetual development, both in terms of individual membership contracts and in terms of compulsory membership contracts (insurance coverage by airlines):
• Air France, as part of an Air contract France / Macif managed by the APPN
• Corsair, since January 1, 2004
• Air Austral, since August 1, 2010 for PLD and PLT and implementation in the event of October 2017
• easyJet, since January 1, 2013 for PLT and implementation PLD place under negotiation
• CityJet, since May 1, 2015
• HOP !, since July 1, 2017
• Aigle Azur, since February 1, 2018

We have been approached by other companies but we are only at the very beginning of a possible partnership.


The APPN is a long-standing provider of Mutavie, the life insurance subsidiary of the MACIF group, which was created in the early 1980s by a former pilot who was then president of MACIF, Jean Dupont. A member of the APPN office participates in the supervisory board of this organization, which manages 23 billion euros. Today, nearly a thousand APPN members have invested in the products of this company. Mutavie offers its customers accounts invested in euros with a guaranteed capital and an annual calculated return (1.8% in 2017) but also unit-linked options on diversified funds ranging from funds with prudent management to funds with dynamic management. The structure of this life insurance company favors prudence in its management. Since this year, it offers wealth management that takes into account the personal situation of each member, in order to offer them an appropriate policy for managing their capital. Do not hesitate to contact the APPN for any further information on Mutavie.

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